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“Less time, less money, less hassle”
The fastest, simplest and most affordable way to have smoother, shinier and better-conditioned hair - at a price significantly less than most keratin treatments.

Keratin Express can give you unbelievable hair in as little as 20 minutes.

Eliminate frizz up to 100%

Reduces bulk and  volume

increase shine, strengthen hair

Wear hair curly or straight since it will not permanently straighting

Cut blow-dry or straightening time by 50% or more Will last for 6-12 weeks depending on hair care and condition

Keratin Express with a Cut

A Keratin Express treatment can be offered at the same time as a hair cut, providing the ultimate in convenience to clients, and no major disruptions to a Stylists schedule. Adding a Keratin Express treatment to a cut adds only an additional 60 minutes to the appointment.

Keratin Express with a Color
Keratin Express treatments should be offered to all color clients and can be done immediately after the color service, saving both time and money. The results of the treatment after a hair color service are nothing short of amazing! Color has more shine, vibrancy and durability, and the health and strength of the hair are greatly improved.
Keratin Express for is Everyone but not to be confused with Brazilian Blow out; because this is not what we use.
Keratin Express is not just for curly hair, but anyone who wants to improve strength, eliminate frizz or speed up finishing time every morning! Clients also have the option to wear their hair curly, straight or somewhere in-between!
keratin Express Treatment, a technologically advanced formula formaldehyde free, containing our Cyprosil Complex with a pleasant white chocolate smell, that gives clients unbelievable hair shine.
Cyprosil Complex contains synergistic blend of catatonically modified hydrolyzed keratin and cystine peptides that produce immediate and noticeable smoothing, shine and conditioning effects on the hair after just one treatment providing better and faster results than any other Brazilian Smoothing System on the market today, Infused into the hair at 450 degrees and must stay in hair for minimum of 24 hours. One Single 1oz treatment its need it, for shoulder length hair or shorter with normal to light density. Two single 1oz treatments are needed for hair above shoulders with thick to heavy density and all hair past the shoulders.

For more details ask a Certified Keratin Express Professional for a treatment today!
"As with all salon chemical treatments, stylists/clients with respiratory and/or skin sensitivities should consult with a physician and perform a patch test before receiving or applying this treatment."

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