hair colors.Let our professionals give you a dazzling new look and benefit from expert instruction on how to manage your naturally curly hair type after your visit. If you have straight hair, we have a straight hair type expert for you too.

Curl Revolution Salon

 Best Haircuts for Curly Hair

Curl Revolution an award-winning salon Specializing from Wavy to Naturally Curly Hair. We are the Curly Hair Experts. We offer you a great hairdressing experience. With one aim; to give you beautiful natural flowing frizz free hair. Master Hair Artist/Owner  Valdéh and his staff specialize in taming naturally curly hair, creating chic cuts, and producing eye catching 



At Curl Revolution, appointments are 1 hour to 2 hours long rather than the usual 30 or 45-minute session, ensuring that there’s plenty of time for the all-important first stage in any visit.

This uniquely unhurried and in-depth consultation enables us to fully understand your likes and concerns, review the health and condition of your hair and scalp, discuss the look you’re after, share our insights and expert advice on the latest trends for this season, and perhaps most importantly, make sure you’re completely clear and happy about the cut and/or color you and your stylist decide upon. If you are new to our leading hair salon or perhaps thinking about a new look, a complimentary hair colorist/stylist consultation allows you to discuss your requirements and generally get to know our team before the appointment. All hair consultations, except for those with Master Artist Vadéh himself, are complimentary. Valdéh is now accepting complimentary phone consultations only.

Your hair type, bone structure, and skin tone can all make a difference to the final look. Our leading hair colorist can always suggest ways to highlight your best features. But in the end, it's what you want that counts, so please don't be afraid to speak up!

If you have a picture or photo of the look you would like, please bring it along for our hair colorist and stylists to look at. Complimentary consultations are available during normal salon opening hours by appointment only.

Choosing your hair colorist or stylist is as important as choosing your hair salon. We understand the importance of the relationship between the client and hairdresser, so we would encourage you to visit and meet the team section. Our team of leading hair colorist & stylists have been trained 'in house' and bring a high level of experience to their color and style work.