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Best Haircuts for Curly Hair

Coco H.
Shreveport, LA   

Beyond amazing!!  I drove 4 hours for Valdeh to cut and style my hair.  He has the extraordinary ability to look at each person's hair and know precisely what to do to transform an ok cut/style to incredible.   His salon is very comfortable and he does a great job explaining step by step how to achieve the same look at home.  I look forward to making the 4 hour trip for another great experience with Valdeh!

J V.
Prosper, TX   

WOO HOO!  He is as good as you will ever get.  Valdeh took his time with me and walked me through each step of styling.  I came for a color correction but ended up learning so much more about my hair.  HE IS AMAZING! Wish I would have found him sooner like 21 years ago.  THANK YOU VALDEH!
Janet V


Haley Giblette

Plano, TX

Easily the best haircut I have ever gotten! My hair was in dire need of shaping--I had a lot of unevenness from a previous haircut. I also really needed to do something about my color.  Valdeh did a fantastic job of giving it shape, making it feel healthy and moisturized, and showing me how to style and take care of it myself. He also blended my color in such a subtly beautiful way. The transformation was incredible! I am in love with my hair now! He was so kind and personable throughout the appointment and showed me how to style it step by step. He even told me I can call or text him if I have any questions. I don't think I ever want to go to anyone else. He gets how to work with curly hair better than any stylist I've ever gone to--even the other ones that present themselves as curly stylists. He's also a delightful person. I could not be happier with my hair!

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 E V.
 Kansas City, MO  

This guy is DABOMB.COM.  Repeat it with me: D-A-B-O-M-B-.-C-O-M!!! 
 donated 8 inches of hair and got highlights for the first time!  He was super cool about everything - didn't sell me any products and told me to do whatever I'm comfortable with.  I have virgin hair and was scared to get some crazy highlights. Wanted something natural and that would give subtle highlights.  Man, did he deliver!  And look let's just say I will travel FAAAAAR Lengths for a good curly haircut.  There have only been 2 people in my life that I now trust with my hair and he is one of them!

Go see him, he is reasonable.  I had a budget I was working with and he worked with it and gave my 20% off my first visit!  He's a rockstar! :)  super happy customer!

Linda H. 
Flower Mound, TX  

The best of Curl Revolution is Valdeh!  Don't be fooled by the name. While Valdeh specializes in curly hair, he is incredible with straight hair too. I have had the best haircuts of my life here. If you have fine straight hair, give Valdeh a try....he's worth a drive (I live in Flower Mound) and worth the money.

Nadi A.
Richardson, TX  

Valdeh is a magic worker! I was so tired of people cutting my curly hair the wrong way and finally found Valdeh! I got the custom cut and he did an amazing job on bringing my flat curls back to life. Absolutely talented!

Patrizia M.
McKinney, TX  

Finally, someone that can cut AND style curly hair! Valdeh did an amazing job and I'm excited to have found him!
He's very professional, thorough and creative. He gave me great tips on how to dry and style my curly hair. I'm really pleased and I will go back to visit him very soon!

Elizabeth Johnson

Frisco, TX

I have never in my 40+ years felt good about a haircut until now.  I used to walk out with straight hair most likely because the stylist never knew what to do with me.  Valdeh is the best!!!  He always makes my hair look like it's supposed to!!