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Curl Revolution

Haircuts For  Curly Hair


Repair & Protect

We specialize in haircuts for curly hair. Our price structure reflects the educational level of our stylists and technicians, which is determined by training and years of experience. We would also like to stress to new clients that if a Junior stylist level 3 - 2 member of staff is chosen to color or cut the hair they will always seek the confirmation of the Master Hair Aritist/Owner Valdéh before they commence. Valdéh does not accept discounts. All discounts valid only for Junior Stylist Level 1-3.

A 2- part treatment that truly transforms hair from frizzy to healthy, unruly to manageable, dull and lifeless to bright & beautiful; this amazing product does it all.


Eliminates Frizz
Repairs Split Ends
Repels Humidity
Speeds Up Blow-Dry Time
Protects From Thermal Damage And Excessive Heat
No matter how damaged your hair is, Repair & Protect will create shiny, healthy and beautiful hair throughout the day.

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Shampoo hair with Keratin Express shampoo or any sulfate-free shampoo; rinse, then towel dry.
2. Spray "Repair" on hair; 3 to 4 sprays is generally enough to cover head.
3. Apply "Protect." A dime size evenly to hair, the comb through.
4. Blow dry using medium to high heat.
For maximum results use flat iron to seal in the benefits.

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