4 or 5 shades lighter than that, with a subtle, gradual transition. There should never be a visible (or horizontal, yikes!) line where the dark turns to light (sorry, this means ignoring your roots for 6 months doesn't count as an Ombré color.)
 Ombré Dark Hair Color What to watch out for:
* Over bleaching the ends if you're already blond
* Dying roots darker, which will give a dramatic look now, but could backfire and appear more fake, especially when your medium to light roots grow in.
* Hairdressers approaching you out of the blue with their business cards if you go too extreme.
All in all, this new trend is kind of a “love it or hate it” situation. The good news is, if you've got lots of highlights, you can take baby steps into it by getting fewer and fewer highlights on each visit, and you can always go back for more if you decide it's not for you. And for brunettes, it's pretty easy to color back over the highlights to a darker look again, with no additional damage.

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Darker roots, known as rootage by some, has become popular over the past five years as a way to show a more natural color progression on hair.New hair craze is taking Hollywood by storm long, dark roots? Ombré Light Hair Color You’ve seen it on fabrics on the runway and now it’s traveling north to the strands of many Celebes's and models. Although celebrities often introduce the latest hair color techniques to the world, it doesn't take long for savvy hairstylists and their adventurous clients to embrace the new trend. What Is Ombré Hair Color? “Ombré” is the name of this new color trend, meaning “shaded,” or the blending of shades, in French.
Ombré hair color is one of the hottest new hair color techniques sweeping the hair color world.  In a sense, Ombré is a graduated color fading technique which creates very natural hues.See for yourself:

A natural look is easier to maintain, it looks effortless even if it isn't, you will look like a starlet, ok maybe not based on hair alone, but some say it makes you look younger because children often have this look, from playing outside so much!
Who it's best on Victoria’s Secret models! Oh and anyone else with dark to medium hair, straight or wavy, to the shoulder blades or below. If you're a bright or double-process blond and used to seeing light/golden tones, coloring the top darker will be a huge change make sure you're ready for it because taking it back to blond will not be an easy/gentle (or cheap) task.
What to ask for: a few highlights around the face, then mainly focused on the ends. You basically want a partial highlight, upside down; instead of the top and front being lightest, with a few strands behind the ear for blending, you want moderate highlighting through the back and ends, with just a few at the front to make it pop. The hair should blend from natural to 3, 


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