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Haircuts For  Curly Hair


Hair Models Needed

Model Call

Model Call

Hair models are in high demand when it comes to advanced training and volunteers benefit from discounted services that are sometimes free. Sometime apprentices are looking for a specific cut or color service to train under a master stylist that overlooks the entire process. You do not need to have professional hair model or modeling experience to volunteer and start saving some money! 

Training and Education

Keep in mind, this is an educational environment for licensed professionals that are looking to advance their careers and master their craft. Having models available for training is an important part of the training process because hair texture can vary and it takes practice to master a technique. Some services may take longer than a full-priced service, but it will be worth it!

Type of Services

Each stylist may approach training in a different way, but most stylist cover classic techniques that include:

Blow Dry & Style
Long Layers
Bobs (Graduated)
Mens (Short, Shag)
Gray Coverage
Creative (Cut & Color)

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