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Curl Revolution

Haircuts For  Curly Hair


develop by Renown Hair Artist Valdeh. Once the Custom Curly Cut is finished, the stylist  will cut the exterior portion of your hair, to your desired length. Essentially, you are getting two haircuts, addressing both bulk and style.In some cases layers are fine when using the Custom Curly Cut. Layers can often cut down on the amount of bulk, thus reducing a poofy look. By displacing strands in different sections of the hair, you are essentially spreading the poof out, giving the appearance that you have less of it. Whether you need layers or not is best to be determine only by a curly hairstylist expert. Also we offer our clients a Free How to Style Curly Hair Class with each Custom Curly Cut.After all we want you to look as good at home as when you left our salon.The Custom Curly Cut usually last an average of 3- 6 months or longer.

Many curly hair looks are a pyramid shape: flat or pointy at the top and very bulky and wide at the bottom. The Custom Curly Cut corrects this specific problem, allowing you to wear your hair curly or straight if desire.
If you are a candidate for the Custom Curly Cut, The stylist begins with a uniquely unhurried and in-depth consultation that enables us to fully understand your likes and concerns, review the hair type, health and condition of your hair and scalp, discuss the look you're after, share our insights and expert advice on curly hair, the latest trends for this season, and perhaps most importantly, make sure you're completely clear and happy about the custom curly cut and you and your stylist decide upon.

Then the stylist begins sculpting and defining each section, removing only the specific amount of hair needed to allow each curl to fall gracefully into each other  decreasing the bulk that pushes the hair out wide. Only regular cutting shears are strategically used to cut each individual curl to allow to form independently from each other. No thinning shears, razor blades, carving or slicing is used. The process is somewhat analogous to laying bricks. This New concept of cutting the Custom Curly Cut was 

Custom Curly Cut

We specialize in haircuts for curly hair. Our price structure reflects the educational level of our stylists and technicians, which is determined by training and years of experience. We would also like to stress to new clients that if a Junior stylist level 3 - 2 member of staff is chosen to color or cut the hair they will always seek the confirmation of the Master Hair Aritist/Owner Valdéh before they commence. Valdéh does not accept discounts. All discounts valid only for Junior Stylist Level 1-3.