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We are inside Markham Jewlers BuildingCurl Revolution an award-winning salon Specializing from Wavy to Naturally Curly Hair. We are the Curly Hair Experts. We offer you a great hairdressing experience. With one aim; to give you beautiful natural flowing frizz free hair. Master Hair Artist/Owner  Valdéh and his staff specialize in taming naturally curly hair, creating chic cuts, and producing eye catching hair colors.

Let our professionals give you a dazzling new look and benefit from expert instruction on how to manage your naturally curly hair type after your visit. If you have straight hair, we have a straight hair type expert for you too. Every member of our trend setting award winning team is meticulously trained to the highest standards in unique Curl Revolution techniques of cutting naturally curly hair.The Salon

We use a unique Hair Type System to identify your hair type... Read more
 Once we determine your hair type, from wavy to kinky then we refer you to an expert hair stylist who only specializes on that particular hair type, assuring you get the best haircut possible.
This ensures the service you receive is highly professional and consistently the best in hairdressing experience.

A word from Master Hair Artist/Owner Valdéh
Valdéh teaching hair classDo you have a daily battle with your naturally curly hair?
Are you tired of bad haircuts that require far too much time to style?
Are you still unhappy with the look after spending hours fighting for hours against the natural curl?
Is practically every day a “bad hair day” for your curly locks? Well, I'm here to tell you ... Read more

The Custom Curly Cut  was developed by Master Hair Artist/Owner Valdéh to correct all curly hair types that  looks like a pyramid shape: flat or pointy at the top; Frizzy, Bulky and wide at the bottom. The stylist begins sculpting and defining each section, removing only the specific amount of hair  needed to allow each curl to fall gracefully into each other ,  decreasing the bulk that pushes the hair out wide. Only regular cutting  shears are strategically used to cut each individual curl to allow to  form independently from each other. No thinning shears, razor blades,  carving or slicing is used. The process is somewhat analogous ...Read more

Color PesonalizationHair Color Personalization is another specialty of our salon.

Color is an integral part of creating beautiful hair, and our expert team will personalize a color to enhance you individual style. We understand that a consultation is vital for this reason we never charge for this service. This philosophy is at the heart of everything we do Award Winning Expertise. We use Vero K-Pak Color the best naturally curly hair color system available today. When choosing your hair color make the right choice. The right color should suit your personality, your skin tone and your eye color.
They are two basic types of skin tones - warm and cool.
Those with a yellow or golden skin undertone have a warm skin tone . One more easy way to tell if you have a warm tone is to look if the veins on ... Read more


We also specialize in Smoothing & Repair Treatments

Keratin Express can give you unbelievable hair in as little as 20 minutes processing time. Smoothing and hair Treatments
Wear hair curly or straight since it will not permanently straighting hair ... Read more

  • Client Benefits
    Fast – 20 minute processing time
    Affordable – significantly lower cost than other treatments
    Safe – All formulas are OSHA compliant
    Versatile – Wear hair straight or curly with no frizz or reaction to humidity
    Convenient – Shampoo hair, use products after 12 hours.
    Last up to 8 Weeks

Instant fix Create Strong Healthy Hair unique enzyme mapping system instantly goes to work on damaged sites. We have specific enzymes which we know can reverse the problems women face when it comes to hair. This light-weight spray builds the inner structure of the hair from the inside out. ... Read more

  • Client Benefits
    Fast – 20 minute processing time
    Affordable – significantly lower cost than other treatments
    Safe – All formulas are OSHA compliant
    Versatile – Wear hair straight or curly with no frizz or reaction to humidity
    Convenient – Shampoo hair, use products after 12 hours.
    Last up to 8 Weeks

Keratin Express Curl Hydration 7 leave in conditioner takes a unique approach to keeping hair repaired and hydrated; an innovative technology designed to retain moisture throughout the day. When hair loses moisture it becomes dry, dull and brittle ... Read more

  • Client Benefits
    Repair Damaged Hair
    Reduces Frizz
    Increases Moisture
    Creates Shine
    Protects Hair Color
    Creates A Soft Silky Feel

Repair & Protect A 2- part treatment that truly transforms hair from frizzy to healthy, unruly to manageable, dull and lifeless to bright & beautiful; this amazing product does it all No matter how damaged your hair is ... Read more

  • Client Benefits
    Eliminates Frizz
    Repairs Split Ends
    Repels Humidity
    Speeds Up Blow-Dry Time
    Protects From Thermal Damage And Excessive Heat

Curl Perfect for those of you with straight hair that want temporary curls. It’s actually what the name Implies; this product is the first of its kind to create and hold curls for up to 2 days. No more spending hours trying to create or enhance your curls just to be disappointed... Read more

  • Client Benefits
    Create beautiful long lasting curls.
    Increases shine and moisture.
    Great for creating new curls or enhancing existing ones.
    Most important - lasts for up to 2 days. No Kidding

Our price structure reflects the educational level of our stylists and technicians, which is determined by training and years of experience. We would also like to stress to new clients that if a Junior stylist level 3 - 2 member of staff is chosen to color or cut the hair they will always seek the confirmation of the Master Hair Aritist/Owner Valdéh before they commence. Valdéh does not accept discounts. All discounts valid only for Junior Stylist Level 1-3.

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